Which time of year should I schedule my senior session?

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As a senior photographer serving clients in the Ark-La-Tex and northeast Texas areas, I always get the question, “Which time of year should I schedule my senior pictures session?” and my answer is usually, “It depends!”  There are many things to consider when making this decision and I go through each of those in this blog post.  If you are debating which month to choose, keep reading!


For each season, I have put together a collage of portraits taken during that specific time.  As you compare these collages, notice which colors and foliage appeals to you the most.  Under each collage, I lay out pros, cons, and things to think about regarding that particular season. 



SUMMER {June, July, & August} is great for seniors with busy extra-curricular fall schedules like sports, practices, and meetings. It’s also the perfect season if you love crop tops, shorts, and a more tropical look to your pictures.

all of these images were taken in the months of June, July or August over the past few years


WEATHER:  As you know, summer is HOT in east Texas!  Typically, June is the coolest of these three months.  Temperatures can get over a hundred degrees and that means sweating which may show on your face and also affect your hair and makeup.  We can shoot in shady areas and in the late afternoon to avoid the heat as much as possible. Alternating indoor and outdoor locations is another way to avoid getting overheated.  So for example, we could do some things in the studio and then head outside for a bit and then back to the studio for a different look.  


WHAT TO WEAR:  Dresses, rompers, and clothing made from lightweight material are all perfect for the summer season.  Floral prints are great for summer, pastels OR bold colors could work depending on the vibe you are going for.  It’s important to take the foliage colors into consideration when planning your outfits. Most years, the grass and trees are green but, depending on how much rain we get, they could be brown.   


THINGS TO CONSIDER:  A benefit to booking a summer session is you will have more time to plan.  School is out and extracurricular activities typically don’t start until late summer.  If you are involved in lots of extracurricular activities during the school year, summer may be the best time for your senior session.  Something to keep in mind is that from the time of your session until the time you send out grad announcements will be almost a full year so your pictures may not represent your current look at the time of graduation. 


WHEN TO BOOK:  If summer before senior year is right for you, you need to schedule your session in the spring of your junior year.  



FALL  {September, October, & November} is the perfect season for seniors who want warmer tones in their images & want to get their photos done before the 2nd semester senior craziness begins. 

all of these images were taken in the months of September, October, or November over the past few years


WEATHER:  Although September can still be fairly warm, temps are typically comfortable to even cool in October and November.  When we think of fall, we tend to think of orange, gold, and brown but here in the Ark-La-Tex it usually stays pretty green until the very end of October or the beginning of November.  If you are wanting the true fall season look, then November is usually when that occurs in our area of Texas..


WHAT TO WEAR:  In early fall, you can still wear some of those summer outfits since the weather is still warm.  On into the fall season, boots, jackets, cardigans and layers can add lots of texture and interest to your outfits.  Warm rich colored clothing can really make your images stand out.  


THINGS TO CONSIDER:  We all know senior year is a whirlwind so crossing senior pictures off the to-do list early in the year can be a relief.   Plus, you can be one of the first to show off your images!  In the fall we typically get less rainy and windy days so rescheduling doesn’t happen very often which is a plus.  


WHEN TO BOOK:  My fall dates are always the first to fill up and my VIP clients will get scheduling priority so you will definitely need to book in January of your junior year. (“What is a VIP client?” you may be asking.  You can learn more about our VIP program here.) I always create a waitlist far in advance for the upcoming class so be sure and add your name to that as soon as you see it (it can be found on any of my social media accounts) and you will be among the first to know when my calendar opens up for your class.  



WINTER  {December, January, & February} is a great option for seniors who want cool weather and lots of layers in their senior pics. It’s also great for more holiday & winter themed shoots as well as snow shoots.

all of these images were taken in the months of December, January, or February over the past few years


WEATHER:  Winter weather in northeast Texas is very unpredictable.  It could be nice or it could be freezing and windy!  Most of the season is brown, however some years it starts to green up by the end of February.  


WHAT TO WEAR:  Who doesn’t like sweater weather?!?  Sweaters, toboggans, jackets, boots, and scarves are all great for the winter season.  Again, layering is a great look.  You can also change up your looks easily by adding and removing pieces such as a jacket or scarf!


THINGS TO CONSIDER:  If you choose to book in the winter, flexibility is KEY!  Just know that rescheduling is a very common possibility in the winter months due to the weather and especially the wind.  You may want to consider more urban settings during these months since the trees are bare and the grass won’t be green and pretty.  


WHEN TO BOOK:  The winter months are usually the last to fill up.  I would recommend booking for these months during the summer before your senior year.  



SPRING  {March, April & May} is the best option for seniors who want to wait until just before their graduation to take pics. 

all of these images were taken in the months of March, April, or June over the past few years


WEATHER:  By March temperatures start to rise and nature begins to come back to life.  The weather can still be unpredictable at times and we typically have more rainy days during the spring.  Wildflowers start to bloom in March but are more abundant in April, May and June.  Some years spring seems to hit earlier than others so if you are definitely writing flowers and lush greens, I would wait until April to schedule your session.


WHAT TO WEAR:  Pastels are great for spring as well as ruffles, tiered panels, and flowy materials.  Jackets can be worn, taken off, off the shoulder or over the shoulder to switch up a look.  Floral patterns, stripes, and gingham patterns are perfect for the spring months!


THINGS TO CONSIDER:  Having to reschedule during spring is a very real possibility due to the weather and/or wind.  This can be a hassle especially when you have hair and makeup appointments to rearrange.  Also, the spring will likely be the busiest time during your senior year.  There are college visits, awards ceremonies, banquets, prom, spring break, and many other events to schedule around.  Also, remember you will need to order grad announcements, address them and mail them out several weeks before graduation.  Waiting until late spring can make this really stressful.  However, by this time in the year you will have your cap and gown and will likely have made a decision about college so if you would like to incorporate those things into your senior session, then spring may be the right season for you!


WHEN TO BOOK:  If you would like a spring session you should book for those dates in the spring of your junior year.  April and March dates are the most popular of the spring semester and get snatched up first.  


“What if I can’t decide?” If you are the senior that wants a variety of pictures and locations throughout your senior year, I have a solution for you…become a VIP client!   Our senior VIP clients get the opportunity to participate in photo shoots throughout the year and also receive two complimentary shoots in addition to their regular senior session.  Learn more about becoming a VIP client.    





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Senior sessions are different from senior portraits. Senior sessions are great for seniors who have been married or have children, or for those who want to do something fun and unique. Senior sessions can be done anytime of year, but they're most common in the spring and summer months. Visit this http://m.chaakan.net/article/product-qa/6/476819/ site for best sessions. Spring is also a great time for seniors to get out and about on their own, so they're more likely to be happy with their photos and give you a positive recommendation.
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