Switching to Sony: Your Questions Answered

August 28, 2019  •  2 Comments

I decided to make the switch from Canon to Sony this past winter.  You may have already read my blog post about why I made the switch.  If you missed it, you can go back and read that post here Why I Dumped Canon for Sony.


Since that blog post came out, I’ve been getting tons of questions about my experience with Sony thus far so that prompted me to write this update.  I am going to list the most frequently asked questions and do my best to answer them from my own experience.  


Q:  Which Sony did you buy?

A:  I chose the Sony A7iii



Q:  Which adapter do you use?

A:  The Sigma MC-11



Q:  Do all of your lenses work with your Sony?

A:  No. The following lenses that I own work with my Sony and MC-11 adapter:  Sigma Art 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm. All of the lenses listed are Sigma Art lenses.  My Sigma Fisheye and my Canon 200mm do not work with the MC-11 adapter. I have not tried any other adapters or lenses.



Q:  Do you still like your Sony?

A:  Yes.  Just like with anything, there are pros and cons but I still choose Sony over Canon because of Sony’s superior focusing system.



Q:  Why did you choose the A7iii over the A7Riii?

A:  Price and file size.  The A7iii was less expensive and this being my first Sony camera, I didn’t know if I was going to love it so I didn't want to fork out the extra for the A7Riii.  The other reason I decided to with the A7iii is because of file size. The A7iii has 24 megapixels compared to 42 megapixels on the A7Riii. Therefore the file size created by the A7Riii is a lot larger.  I didn’t feel I needed the extra megapixels nor did I want the larger files taking up more space on my hard drives. I recently printed a 30x45 from a Sony file and it looked great!



Q:  How is the color with Sony as compared to Canon?

A:  The coloring is slightly different but it doesn’t bother me since I change and enhance the colors in post processing anyway.  



Q:  Can you back button focus with the Sony?

A:  Yes.



Q:  What do you NOT like about the Sony A7iii?

A:  The Sony is smaller than the Canon Mark IV and doesn’t feel as good in my hands.  The Canon feels much more sturdy and solid, if that makes sense. The menu and controls are not as easy to operate on the Sony in my opinion.  Of course, I’ve been shooting Canon for over 10 years so it was a big adjustment to get used to the placement of the Sony controls. Sony, just like Canon, does allow you to customize the buttons and dials to your liking so that helps.  Something I miss is the touchscreen menu that the 5D offers. No touchscreen with the Sony A7iii.  



I find that the Sony allows me to focus more on my creativity because I am no longer toggling focus points, trying to focus directly on the eyes, or concentrating on holding steady.  The eye autofocus system of the Sony is so intuitive that it does all the work which allows me to focus my attention on my client(s).


Want to know why I decided to make the with from Canon to Sony?   Read this blog post Why I Dumped Canon for Sony





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